Blackberry Wine

Surely there cant be be anything better than brewing your own wine, and this easy recipe will have you wondering why you pay supermarket or off license prices, when this stuff tastes better and cost a few pence a bottle.

Even if your not a great wine drinker, still try this out as its just as its great to cook with.

You will need:

1 Large Brewing bucket.

1 Muslin cloth or muslin bag.

1 Demijohn (dark) plus stopper with airlock.

6 wine bottles with corks.


1-2 m siphon tube.


3lb Blackberrys

2lb sugar (caster or granulated).

1 sachet Pectic Enzyme.

1 sachet Red wine yeast.

1 Sachet Yeast nutrient.


  • Wash your berry’s well, being careful to remove any insects or contaminants
  • Place the fruit in a polythene brewing bucket and crush it with a potato masher, or put through a juicer
  • Pour over a gallon of boiling water. Stir well, allow to become lukewarm,  then add the pectic enzyme according to instructions on the pack.
  • Leave for 24 hours, then add the red wine yeast and yeast nutrient Cover closely and leave for four days, stirring daily.
  • Strain the blackberry liquor through muslin or a nylon sieve, onto 2 lbs of sugar. Stir well to make sure that all of the sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour into a dark demijohn, filling it to the shoulder and fit an airlock.
  • Keep the spare liquor in a bottle, fitted with a trap of moist cotton wool.
  • When the wine in the demijohn has stopped fermenting vigorously, (after about a week) top it up to the base of the neck with the spare liquor and refit the airlock.
  • Wait until the wine has stopped fermenting (no bubbles passing through the airlock) then siphon it off into another sterilised demijohn,
  • This wine should clear naturally if left in a cool place. If not, add a propriety brand of wine finings, and wait until totally clear.
  • Bottle in dark green wine bottles, and cork.
  • This wine will improve if left for 6 months or longer but can be drunk after a month in the bottle if you can’t wait!


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