Chili Jam

excellent for use as a marinade

Chili Jam


150 g Red chili peppers (deseeded and cut into 4 pieces)

150 g red peppers (cored, deseeded and cut into rough chunks)

1 Kg  jam sugar

600 ml cider vinegar


You will need 6 x 250ml  sealable jars

Sterilize your jars and leave to cool. This is easily done by putting the through a cycle in your dishwasher

Put the cut-up chillies into a food processor and pulse until they are finely chopped. Add the chunks of red pepper and pulse again until you have an even blend.

Dissolve the sugar in the vinegar in a wide, medium-sized pan over a low heat, dont be tempted to stir

Scrape the chilli-pepper mixture out of the bowl and add to the pan. Bring the pan to the boil, then leave it at a rolling boil for 10 minutes.

Take the pan off the heat and allow it cool. The liquid will become more thicker the longer it cools,

After about 40 minutes, or once the red flecks are more or less evenly dispersed in the jelly (as the liquid firms up, the hints of chilli and pepper start being suspended in it rather than floating on it), ladle into your jars. If you want to stir gently at this stage, it will do no harm. Then seal tightly.




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