Spaghetti Carbonara

A warm evening and eating outside is great. Get the family and friends around the table and poor yourself a good beer or a decent drop of plonk and rustle up a good Carbonara and let the memories of a good evening build. or do the same at lunchtime. a good idea is to do a big pot of this as a side at a BBQ.



400g spaghetti
1 tablespoon Nut oil
1 Knob Butter
200g Pancetta chopped, Or Bacon
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
3 eggs, plus 1 extra yolk
100ml Double cream
2/3 cup (50g) freshly grated parmesan, plus extra to serve
1 Small bunch, chopped flat-leaf Parsley leaves



Cook pasta in a large pan of boiling salted water according to the packet instructions.

Place Eggs, Yolk, Cream and Parmesan in a bowl. Season, then mix gently with a fork. and set aside.

Meanwhile, heat oil and butter in a frypan over medium heat. Cook Pancetta, Bacon stirring, for 2-3 minutes until beginning to crisp.

Add garlic for 30 seconds,

when the both the Pasta and the Pancetta are done, turn all heat off.

Lift the pasta from the water and drop on top of the Pancetta.       (dont drain the pasta, you need a little moisture from the pasta water)

Quickly add egg and Pancetta mixtures and parsley. Toss to combine, the heat from the pasta will cook the egg slightly and form a creamy sauce.

Serve immediately with extra Parmesan.

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