Quasadillas with Cheese and Jalapeno

These little Quasadillas are exceptionally tasty and easy to make, Its more of an assembly of parts rather than a recipe, but taste as though they where created by the gods themselves.



2 corn tortillas

1 smear Butter

1 medium jalapenos, halved lengthwise, seeded, and thinly sliced crosswise

1 cup Cheddar cheese

1 jar Salsa


  • Heat a pan with a splash of olive oil in and when hot add the chopped chilli and fry untill just starting to color and put to one side.
  • Smear the now clean pan with a tiny bit of butter and add one of the tortillas and fry in the butter for 30 seconds on one side.
  • Remove and put to one side, add another smear of butter and add the second tortilla and cook for 30 seconds then flip and while it cooks on the second side add 2/3 of the  cheese to the top of it while its in the pan then sprinkle on the chillis you cooked in step one followed by the remaining cheese.
  • Add the first tortilla to the top of the pan with the cooked side to the cheese and carefully flip the whole lot in one go to cook the last side and to melt the cheese.
  • Remove from the heat and remove to a chopping board and cut into triangles with a pizza wheel.
  • Put a dollop of salsa in the middle of each triangle and then a dollop of soured cream on top of the salsa.


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